January 4, 2012


DEC 30, 2011


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Visiting China for the first time... Shanghai & Hangzhou! I am going to eat everything!

FUN FACT: I am competing in the 2012 NYC Ironman.

BUCKET LIST: To be barreled by a wave on the North Shore of Hawaii.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Sitting on the couch with a huge queue of reality TV on the DVR (Bravo, usually)

*MY TWO CENTS*: As soon as I read his responses I had to go talk to him in detail. I am that girl that will try and eat everything..once. The hot stuff not so much, but the gross stuff...within reason. I love the street vendors in Mexico, NYC etc. He is going to be able to try some pretty interesting stuff in China and he seemed super excited about it too!

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