PAX - Passenger

A/C - Aircraft

COCKPIT - Where the pilots sit

CPT - Captain, the person seated on the left hand side in the Cockpit

F/O - First Officer, the other pilot in the cockpit. Most people believe that only the Cpt. flies the A/C, however the pilots usually take turns each leg. Most of the F/O’s have been Cpts. on different A/C.

LEG - One portion of a trip (workday)

F/A - Flight Attendant

F/C - First Class

B/C - Business Class (on larger A/C, that have 3 seating areas)

M/C - Main Cabin

WIDEBODY - An A/C that has 2 aisle

NARROWBODY - An A/C that has only a single aisle

GALLEY - Kitchen

LAV - Bathroom