August 30, 2010


AUG 29, 2010

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Some business, some golf, some baseball.

FUN FACT: Gained access to a plane and sat in the cockpit of an oversold flight between Paris and Stockholm by telling the agent I was a pilot.....I am not (pre 9-11)

BUCKET LIST: Climb all 46 peaks in the Adirondack Mountains over 4,000 in height. I am at 21 now.

GUILTY PLEASURE: My three vices: Ice cream, cigars and beer.I won't ever have all 3 in a single day, but it's the rare day I won't have at least one of them.

PENNI'S TWO CENTS: What an amazing once in a life time situation to be able to sit in the cockpit.  It is one of the best views ever.  I have seen the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls many times and I am still in awe like it was the first time.  I have seen fireworks going off in 20 different locations simultaneously, meteor showers, comets and the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets on both coasts.  I am so blessed with a breathtaking "office window".  No, I never tire of the excitement of taking off, landing, and the views along the way of each and every flight.

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  1. I am very jealous of your view! I get to look at stinky smokers out my window!