August 29, 2010


AUG 28, 2010

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Going to NYC for the U.S. Open. I am meeting my Dad who is coming from Trinidad.

FUN FACT: I was in the Bahamas earlier this week. I love to travel!!

BUCKET LIST: Eat at Peter Lugers (doing this week). Vacation in the South of France.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Sweets. I eat dessert items everyday.

PENNI'S TWO CENTS: Here comes a small world story. After we departed I received the form back from Colin. Another Flight Attendant & myself were reading over the answers and her eyes got really big. She said that she went to grade school with a guy name Colin who was from Trinidad. We looked on the pax name list and figured out that this pax was one in the same. She immediately went to his seat and told him who she was. She was working a galley position located about 20 ft. behind from where he was sitting. However due to her F/A position, she would have probably never seen that he was onboard if not for my blog. Did I happen to mention that they haven’t seen each other in over 20 years….CRAZY small wonderful world!!!

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