October 12, 2011



SEPTEMBER 25, 2011

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: I am on this flight, back to Chicago with my husband, after a great weekend spent in Denver babysitting my 2 month old nephew (who we met for the first time) while my brother and sister-in-law were part of a wedding.

FACT: I lived in Santiago, Chile for almost five years.

BUCKET LIST: WOW, too many places.... Thailand (which we are going to in February) Israel, Bali back to the Greek Isles (for 5 year anniversary), Baltic Cruise...I could go on forever. =)

GUILTY PLEASURE: Eating anything that has a lot of peanut butter, yummy !!! =) Walking around the house with out pants. (guess my Mom dressed me in a lot of t-shirts and undies, no pants. Taking a trip whenever I find a good deal. =)

She added to the bottom: Great idea. You should inspire others to be creative like this =)

*MY TWO CENTS*: Becky was sooooo sweet, she wanted to know why I was writing the blog, where did I get the idea and how did I come up with the questions. I especially liked all the smiley faces all over her form. True confession time...It is unusually hot today in San Diego, in October. 94F, so I find it very funny that I am writing this post in a shirt and boxers! =)


  1. I'm not sure I want to think about your "My Two Cents Worth" comment. But still... thanks for sharing

  2. It is always so hot in San Diego during the October month! What is up with that? Great blog :)