September 6, 2011


AUG 9, 2011

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Meeting a customer for the first time.

FACT: I've visited every country in Western Europe. When I was in high school, I raised the money to send myself on an exchange program to Spain by doing a walkathon and having people sponsor me in town.

BUCKET LIST: Travel to every continent and I'd really like to see the wildebeest migration in Africa and travel by Orient Express train

GUILTY PLEASURE: Reading the NY Times cover to cover on a Sunday in bed.

*MY TWO CENTS*: I am so impressed that Gregg was able to raise his own money in order to be an exchange student. I have not even visited ALL of the Western European countries and I am a flight attendant. There are still quite a few still listed on my bucket list. I am getting to them one by one.

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