Recently, a follower asked how I would answer these questions. They are answered on the actual forms I give to the pax. So here they are for the readers of my blog. By the way, if I haven't said thank for reading my blog, lately....THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG!

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: That is easy, because it is what I am scheduled to work!

FUN FACT:I have hiked Machu Pichu. ( Maybe that is why there are so many references to Machu Pichu from the pax)

BUCKET LIST:Santorini, Greece

GUILTY PLEASURE: Watching "The making of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders" Yup, I let every pax know this guilty pleasure of mine. If this doesn't get them to laugh and open up with me....nothing will!

Also have you notice I have changed my comments title to "PENNI'S TWO CENTS"? I figured with all the nicknames I had growing up that related to money, because of the name Penni, I would play on that theme! I hope everyone is enjoying reading the blog as much as I am meeting the pax that fill out the questionnaires!!!