Since I started the blog in June 2009. I will be posting some of pre 2009 travels in the coming days/months. I will also be posting pictures to go along with some of the "Adventure" postings.

*****COSTA RICA*****MAY 2011

My husband's birthday is the first week of January, so we decided on a little driving vacation to Palm Springs. We go the back roads, through the mountains, it takes about 2.5 hours from San Diego. Basically downtown Palm Springs has 2 one-way main streets and it is super easy to get around and navigate.

We ate at some great places, a cute French restaurant Friday night and an authentic, old school sushi bar on Saturday night. The days were filled (730a-530p) with thrifting! I have never seen and bought so many sherbet colored items in my life. Oh how I love Lilly Pulitzer for $2.99! Some of it was to resell on eBay, but most of it was to keep! Yes, we did hit the hot tub while we were there, but no time at the pool, we were busy. We also ate at one of the best BBQ places we have ever tried. Paul also bought me the most beautiful art deco glass and bronze box that I have ever seen. My birthday is later in January.

We are already looking forward to our next visit. Next time I think we will stay at one of the mid-century modern hotels, very cool. Just like the bumper sticker says "P.S. I love you!"

Penni P


*****VANCOUVER, B.C.***** OCTOBER 2010
I am lucky enough to enjoy the company of my parents. Enough so, that I try to take a vacation with my Mom every year. We usually end up taking a lot of mini vacations throughout the year. We decided to go to Vancouver for a week. We had a blast and have lots of funny little stories that we will laugh about for years to come. My brother-in-law and fiance live in YVR. It rained from the time we arrive until the day we left, no biggie we had a blast. We went to Queen Elizabeth's Park, ate at a great restaurant in the Park called Season's. The restaurant had a great view of the colorful & beautiful landscaping throughout the park. We went to the top of one of the local mountains and were able to overlook the entire city. We spent a lot of time downtown in all of the wonderful neighborhoods. We spent a day on Granville Island, browsing through all of the art galleries, shops and of course having lunch and a few beers at the Granville Brewery. Luckily for Vancouver the sun started shining as we took-off.
Thank you YVR, I had a great time, see you in Sept for the wedding, please don't rain!
Penni P.

First time in Paris and it was wonderful! The Eiffel tower is much more than expected. I was able to see the Louvre, Eiffel tower, Latin Quarter, Moulin Rouge, Metro, Wholesale district and more. There is so much to do and see in Paris. I was only there for 4 days/3 nights, but my best friend and I made the most of it. The food was excellent, the metro was super easy and safe and the sites were incredible. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get first class, but the flight wasn't too full, we had a seat between us and the crews going and returning were GREAT!

I would recommend a trip to Paris to anyone who asks. However, I would tell you to spend more than 4 days. I can't wait to go back. I really needed this vacation. My husband had just lost his job at FedEx, he had been with them for 14 years and LOVED his job and working for them. So Paris with my best friend was the perfect cure!

For anyone who asks how I can do this job~THIS IS IT! My best friend and I planned this trip in a week from departure. The airline industry isn't just a job, it is a life style. I am not a M-F, 9-5 kind of person, so this job suits me well.

Hope to see you soon in 11D
Penni P


*****LOOE, ENGLAND****

*****POOLE, ENGLAND*****



Our first time to the UK was to visit a good friend who I refer to as my UK brother. My younger brother & I went to the Bahamas one summer and met these two British guys. One of them, Ian and I have stayed in touch since 1989. We are like brother and sister and talk regularly by phone (now by skye, FB. IM etc.) He was single when we went and it rained every day we were there, but we didn't care we were all on vacation. The three of us did the whirlwind tour of London and the surrounding areas. We went to tour the castle, but couldn't because it was under renovation and closed for tours. We hit all the scooter shops, both Paul and Ian are both avid scooter fans and we saw a football math between Tottenham HotSpurs and Manchester United. Yes, I did see David Beckham and Tottenham HotSpurs won! =)The funniest thing that happen to us when we were out drinking one night at the "Purple Turtle" in Reading. It was a theme night Doctor & Nurses night. Right in front of us this older man got so drunk that he just slid off his bar stool and paramedics were called. When the paramedics arrived they were very confused by the fact that everyone was dressed as a Doctor or a Nurse, yet no one was able to help this man.

*****MACHU PICCHU*****JUNE 1998
This was the first big trip with Paul. I flew with another Flight Attendant that had the same vacation weeks that I did. We started talking about where she was going and by the end of the trip I had decided Paul & I were going on vacation with her. Did I happen to mention that the trip ended on Thursday and we were leaving for Peru on Saturday??? Paul had never been out of the country, except for Mexico and Canada, and had never camped before. He was in for an adventure for sure! We did hike for five days, without a shower. However we did the "Princess Cruise" we had porters that would cook, set-up and , break down camp each day. We had a guide and there was only the three of us on the tour. He was very knowledgeable about the area, the trail, astronomy and so much more. One night he we all laid on our back looking at the stars while our guide played Jethro Tull and other classic American rock...on the pan flute. To date this is still one of Paul's favorite vacations we have ever taken.