September 6, 2011


JULY 18, 2011

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: To see my daughter for the weekend.

FACT: Played the violin on Johnny Carson when I was 3

BUCKET LIST:To have my mom, wife, daughter, step-son and step-daughter in the same place for a perfect night. Checked off Christmas eve 2010. Dance with my daughter at her wedding. Kiss my wife at sunset in Venice when I am 75.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Flirting with Terry and Penni and offering sips of my red wine.

*MY TWO CENTS*: Eric was fun to have on board, in fact he has been on a couple more flights since. I have seen a hand full of my Pax in 11D participants on multiple flights back and forth in the LAX-JFK market. Next month I will be flying some different markets, Orlando, Dallas and Denver. I look forward to meeting more passengers and hearing their stories.

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