July 14, 2010


JULY 13, 2010

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Heading home from a business meeting with a new account
FACT: I have run a mile or more in at least 20 countries. (If that isn’t fun enough) He also has flown over 2 MILLION miles with my airline!!! (Thank you VERY much Sam!!!)
BUCKET LIST: * To see my kids grow up and get married. * To run a 100 mile race. * To travel with my wife and not be in a hurry.
GUILTY PLEASURE: Seeing my kids born and watching them evolve.

Just a little side note, our flight from JFK was delayed 3 hours. Sam filled out the questionnaire just before landing at LAX. It was approximately 215am CA time or 515am NY time. I am so happy I started this project. I am truly meeting the most amazing passengers. Everyone has been such a great sport!

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  1. Next time I'm on American, I'm gunning for 11D! Aisle! Woot! Just don't let peeps smack me in the head with their bags that are too large to go into the overhead bin. And, watch those elbows!
    Great Blog, Penni.