July 24, 2010


*TIDBIT* Axl was on board tonight. He is very nice, very polite...a super low maintenance passenger! I so wanted a picture with him, however I honor the celebs privacy. (Some of the celebs come into the galley to hang out, tell jokes and take pictures...it depends on the celeb and the circumstances!) Even during boarding, people stop, stare and point. Poor AXL!


  1. Keep meaning to ask you...is 11 D in first or business class or does it depend on the plane?

  2. I am on a 767 this month, so 11D is in business class. I am working in first class. On all of the other A/C that I fly 11D is in coach. I picked 11D, so that I can get a cross section of pax. A little bit of B/C and a little bit of M/C. I hope you are enjoying the articles. A friend suggested I do a airline vocab/lingo post. I think I will!