July 23, 2010


JULY 22, 2010

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Returning home after a week of work in NY
FUN FACT: I have been to Turkey 3 times but never to Kentucky, USA. This flight segment will secure my Executive Platinum (100K miles or 100 segments per year) status for another year. I live in LA but travel weekly for my job in NYC.
BUCKET LIST: Have been to Santorini and about 10 other Greek Islands. Bucket list destination is definitely Galapagos Islands.
GUILTY PLEASURE: I’ll offer several: dark chocolate (daily), cashews, Jason Bourne trilogy (watch it over and over), cruising in my convertible like some silly teenager.

Just a little side note, once again a late night flight. Mark was more than happy to fill out the form. I love that fact that he seems to work very hard going back and forth to LAX, however he stills seems like a big kid at heart. We should all aspire to be big kids at heart!

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