July 22, 2010


JULY 21, 2010

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Flying to NY to see “An American Idiot”, then driving to the Berkshires for two nights before going to Boston to celebrate my sister-in-laws 50th birthday. Then driving to Maine for a 3 day fishing trip with 16 members of the family.
FACT: I was in charge of Freddy Krueger's (Nightmare on Elm Street) hands of knives. I helped open Vietnam for United Airlines to be the first American Airline to fly back there after the war. I have hiked Machu Pichu twice. I have hiked for Dian Fossey’s Gorillas in Uganda. I witnessed the first fire and shots of the L.A. riots. I rode my bicycle around 4 countries (England, Belgium, Holland and Ireland)
BUCKET LIST: Too many to list so the top ones are:
1. Go into Space
2. Fly a fighter jet
3. Hike Bhutan
4. Get married
5. Visit every country in the world
GUILTY PLEASURE: Watch sappy movies.

Side note….what do I say to add any more to what Patti has already done or wants to do! This “little project” has made me remember why I started flying many years ago. Sure this could be like so many other blogs that bitch and complain about the airlines, airline travel, flight attendants or passengers….but why not show the other side! How lucky am I? I have the best job in the whole wide world. (and my office has a fantastic view!)

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