September 17, 2010


SEP 14, 2010
WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: I am returning home to Calif, Los Angeles after having attended my high school reunion, our 47th.

FUN FACT: I graduated from a small school in North Carolina. My class had 48 graduates and 18 attended. Many of my high school classmates are also my cousins because my great grandfather graced this Atlantic seaboard community with 22 children, most of whom went forth and multiplied. The years have passed, but when my school mates and I get together, the years melt away and we gleefully rehash our former days and years together and share what life has brought us. I have traveled on every continent and enjoyed that travel greatly, but I enjoy as much as anything else sharing some time with loved ones, family and friends.

GUILTY PLEASURE: One of my favorite pass times is sitting on my patio, reading a book and experiencing my surroundings. A cat chasing breeze blown leaves, bees and birds sipping water from the bird bath and a cooling breeze massage.

*MY TWO CENTS: Larry answers were wonderful. They were reflective and descriptive. I can imagine myself on that porch. Shoot, maybe he should be writing or at least collaborating on my blog with me.

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  1. Penni,
    Thanks for a terrific blog! As a former F/A, I have days where I miss flying an awful lot, so I like visiting blogs to reminisce. While I enjoy all of the blogs I read I'm finding yours to be one of the most refreshing and perhaps the best reminder of why I like flying so much...the passengers! (Okay, the GOOD pax, not so much the BAD ones, LOL)
    Thanks for a great idea!
    John in MRY