September 18, 2010


SEP 15, 2010
WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: You guilted me into this! (talking to my boyfriend, who is sitting next to me.) No, honestly we are preparing to study for our medical boards. We need peace and quiet. Canada can offer this.

FUN FACT: You tube is teaching me salsa. Yea for free salsa classes

BUCKET LIST: Tokyo! Bora Bora

GUILTY PLEASURE: eating stale Hot cheetos (I leave the bag open so that it ferments just right) =)

*MY TWO CENTS: She was super funny and super cool. I absolutely love HOT CHEETOS. I like to have them with a coke. It is a treat I only allow myself to have on a very rare occasion. I have never tried the stale thing…not my taste. I love Toronto, when we have layovers, we stay downtown. There is so much to do and see and eat in Toronto.

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