September 19, 2010


SEP 15, 2010

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Coming back from a business trip. I went to visit the Krug furniture company.

FUN FACT: I love to bake. I had my son Christian at 21 on 6/15/09 and married his father on 8/28/09. (I was already back to size 2!) I have been to the very top of the island of Capri

BUCKET LIST: Venice, skydiving, have at least 3 more children, “go blonde”, have time to watch an entire sunset, be on TV, write a cookbook.

GUILTY PLEASURE: People magazine, martinis, Starbucks (so expensive!)

*MY TWO CENTS: I haven’t even had children and I can not get back down to a size 2. However I am not 21 anymore either. Amanda was so super sweet. She was actually ticketed for 11C, but since the flight was so light she moved to 10 ABC, to have some room. The pax in 11D was sleeping so soundly, I didn’t want to disturb her. I asked Amanda if she was bored and wanted a little project. She was super enthusiastic and made this entry FUN! I will have to figure out her “size 2 Plan”.

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