July 19, 2010

Mark S.

JULY 17, 2010

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: I travel for business between New York and Los Angeles and own Homes in both cities.
FACT: I was nominated for my first Emmy award last week.
BUCKET LIST: Various events I would like to attend
-Opening or closing ceremonies for the London Olympics
-A NY World Series game featuring the Yankees
-The Academy Awards
GUILTY PLEASURE: Films, TV shows and recordings from the 70’s (Disco era)

Just a little side note, once again it was the all-nighter departing at 1159pm. Mark was more than happy to fill out the form. He was also so humble about his nomination when I congratulated him. An Emmy nomination for “The Good Wife”…impressive. His company also casts for the shows “Medium” and “Numbers”, some of my favorite shows.

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