January 4, 2012


DEC. 27, 2011


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: I commute regularly between Los Angeles and New York. I work in the aerospace industry in California and produce theater in NYC (Broadway and off-Broadway)

FUN FACT: I travel all over the world for solar eclipses and marathons. In Nov 2012 I will be going to Port Douglas, Australia (near Cairns in Queensland) for a marathon, that will start with an eclipse.

BUCKET LIST: Win a Tony Award for producing a musical.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I NEVER answer the phone if it is interrupting something I consider more important.

*MY TWO CENTS*: Martin is a dichotomy...the aerospace industry and the entertainment industry. I wouldn't automatically associate those two things with each other. I love the fact that he has traveled all over to view eclipses. I am surprised when I can remember to set my alarm to see an eclipse. It will always amaze me, the diversity of the people that I would never have gotten get to meet, if I were not writing this blog!

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