January 4, 2012


***FIRST BLOG POST 2012!***

1/2/2012 (ok, that was fun!)


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Spent the Holiday with my partner in NYC at our apt. & now headed back to our home in L.A. (he's on a different flight about 10 mins. ahead of us!)

FUN FACT: I have a unique talent where I remember numbers... Bank accounts, phone numbers, credit card numbers, you name it! without looking, I know my frequent flyer numbers for 3 airlines... (and now 11D) I'm cursed.

BUCKET LIST: Want to take a Safari, go down under and spend time learning to fly.

GUILTY PLEASURE: watching "Devil wears Prada" and eating popcorn with plain M&M's dumped in. YUM!

*MY TWO CENTS*: Scott was awesome, he is one of those pax that you immediately love the first time you interact with them. It was cute when he got excited to fill out the form and help me with my blog! My husband has the crazy number thing too. Paul remembers phone numbers, car & motorcycle part numbers...but he can't ever remember his driver's license number.

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