December 12, 2011


NOV. 24, 2011

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: To get back home in time for Thanksgiving dinner! Surprising the Mom and bought tickets for an earlier flight, since she was already upset about us being gone. We had to cut our trip to St Maarten short.

FUN FACT: Leslie: parachuting Andrew: swam with sharks in Punta Cana. We got engaged in Cancun. Funny fact....Leslie popped one of her breast implants and looked like she had a flat tire for six weeks, while waiting to get it fixed.

BUCKET LIST: Leslie: Tuscany, Italy/winning super lotto =)/Bungee jump over water. Andrew: going zip lining in Costa Rica/kite boarding. Both: Getting married on a secluded tropical island beach.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Leslie: gambling/eating fast food in bed after a night out drinking. Andrew: watching NFL Sunday ticket.

*MY TWO CENTS*: OK, I know they weren't both sitting in 11D, but they were such a fun, cute couple that I had them both fill it out together. They were cute from the boarding process, so I was happy that they were seated in 11D. I especially love the fact that they cut their St Maarten short, so they could be with family. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday ever. Luckily my family and my husbands family get along so well that we usually spend Thanksgiving together. A couple of years all of us were able to spend Christmas together also. I always love how wild, loud and crazy it gets to be at these gatherings, I wouldn't have it any other way!

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