February 7, 2011


JAN 24, 2010


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Traveling to Dallas to meet with my client, AT&T.

FUN FACT: Found that Hall of Fame Baseball player, Tony Gywnn is a really nice guy. When headed to see my son’s pediatrician, Tony was the only person, in a crowd of seven, to allow me to enter the elevator with son and stroller before him.

BUCKET LIST: Tuscany, Italy.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Non-stop drinking Mocha Latte’s all day, whenever I can get one. Doesn’t do well for the heart, nerves or jitters, but brings my mind into constant focus!

*MY TWO CENTS*: Growing up in San Diego, I have always been a fan of Tony Gywnn. I have also always heard that he was a great person. I think it is great to hear such a real life true story of how nice a guy he is no matter how famous he is. I do have to comment on drinking Mocha Lattes all day. I completely understand the wanting to do it to stay focused all day, because it certainly helps. I am totally hyper naturally, I usually only have 1 cup throughout the whole day and I am wired!

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