February 7, 2011


JAN 22, 2010


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: To get back to my brothers house for a visit before I fly back to Uganda, Africa.

FUN FACT: I have been to 18 countries

BUCKET LIST: Rita: To see the highland Gorilla’s in Rwanda or Uganda. Her seat mate: Write a letter to God, Will I be able to meet Rita again before I die?

GUILTY PLEASURE: La Vita Doche cake

*MY TWO CENTS*: On this flight no body was sitting in 11D, so I asked the gentleman in 11E. He said that he was not a person that does Facebook or blogging and would prefer not to answer the question. His seat mate was interested and said she would like to fill out the form. I think it is really cute that he answered one of the questions and let me know that fact, when I picked up the form. So now he is a part of blogging.

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