February 7, 2011


FEB 6, 2010


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: To see my sister in Las Vegas, to reinvent my life.

FUN FACT: I have been with the same company for 32 years and I was just laid off & need to figure myself out. (sad face, happy face)

BUCKET LIST: To go to Greece

GUILTY PLEASURE: Playing Spider on the computer for hours and internet backgammon.

*MY TWO CENTS*: A couple of months ago my husband lost a job at FedEx after 14 years. He absolutely loved the company and working for the company and was completely devastated when they let him go. I can understand a little of what Jan must be going through, because Paul is still going through it, however not as bad as when it first happen. Of course he is reminded multiple time throughout the day, FedEx is everywhere. It truly breaks my heart to see what he is going through. I want to dislike FedEx, but I can’t (he won’t let me). I am just so disappointed in them for not valuing how dedicated he was as an employee. Jan has a unique opportunity to reinvent herself. Some days I would love to be able to do that (not at the cost of any personal tragedy, of course. She is still young and I am VERY excited for her! What would you do if you could start all over?

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