December 24, 2010


DEC. 17, 2010


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Return trip from Vegas

FUN FACT: We enjoyed 26 years in the Air Force! I am presently a Dr. of Naturopathy!

Pack the motor home and travel wherever our heart leads.

Eat anything I desire without gaining weight!

This was the nicest family EVER. First of all her husband is a high tier member of  our frequent flyer program. I was working up in first and came back to coach to help pick-up trash (the oh so glamorous part of the job). As I passed by their row, they asked me for a cup of ice. The were in row 11 of coach, unfortunately by the time I made it back to row 30, I had been asked for 100 more items. I filled request and then was called back up front to help with a cockpit break. About 30 minutes and 30 distractions later I remembered their request. I checked on them to see if they still needed ice and if I could get them anything else. Someone else had already brought them the ice. I apologized and we all laughed about it. However, I had not given them the form yet and now was too embarrassed to ask them to fill out my form. We (the crew) had a 2 hour layover in DFW, so 2 of us went to get some food. Who happens to walk in…you guessed it the nice family from 11D. We all just laughed and I explained about my blog. She said she would be more than happy to fill it out and did so graciously! I really do love this family!

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