December 25, 2010

SARA KNICKS (it’s a fake last name, but it is what I use online so it is OK if you use it)

DEC. 18, 2010

continuing on to LAX

Headed home for the holidays. I live in Florida but the rest of my family lives in Southern California

In March of 2010, I traveled to Haiti (about six weeks after the quake) to help recovery process. We visited Orphanages, organized donated supplies, and aided in construction. (and flew AA =)) Also, I have been quoted on the TSA blog, I wrote a post about traveling with diabetes and they somehow picked it up and linked it to me.

BUCKET LIST: A safari in Africa. Get married and have a baby.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I love any dessert or candy that is a combination of chocolate and peanut butter! A perfect combo!!

*MY TWO CENTS: She was super cool! I couldn’t dare tell her that I had accidentally left a whole bag of Reece's peanut buttercups at my layover hotel this morning. A passenger brought them for us for the holiday and I forget them at the hotel. BTW her blog address is

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