December 23, 2010


DEC. 17, 2010


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Heading to Vegas

I have visited South Africa, India

Visit Australia, New Zealand, Go to Alaska, Increase the size of my woodworking shop, Go to Banff National Park; Lake Louise

GUILTY PLEASURE: Get married again

*MY TWO CENTS: Joe seemed hesitant at first. I really didn’t know if he was going to participate. He was actually done pretty quickly. As you can see by his answers, they get longer as he continues to answer the questions. I especially love the fact that he wants to get married again. I know so many people that one time is enough (whether it ends in divorce or not). Me? I have been married 17 ½ years and I still love it. When I talk about my husband everyone thinks I am newly married. I really love my husband dearly. He is my best friend with benefits!

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