December 15, 2010


NOV. 24, 2010

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: My husband has been participating in a twins study for 25 years. This was his year to be a lab rat, while I came along to see the sights.

FACT: 1. Adorable granddaughter, Anslie Kate, makes me happy I did not eat my young like some animals. 2. Married to high school sweetheart for 43 years.

BUCKET LIST: Remaining 50 states (38 down, 12 to go) Alaska cruise, Europe

GUILTY PLEASURE: Would love to earn PhD, but hard to justify at age 61. Husband says I am a “sick puppy” to want to do that.

*MY TWO CENTS: First of all I have to say that I hope I look as beautiful as Karla when I am 61! I thought being married for 17 years was a long time, but Karla along with my parent’s have me beat by decades! I say go for the PhD…we should never stop learning.

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