December 16, 2010


NOV. 24, 2010
DFW-SAN (started in PBI)

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: My human skills lack that of a bird. Returning home after work. Employer: United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY
FACT: Have raced sailboats all over the planet, crossing most oceans of the world. I am more at home at sea than on land. Two time Maxiworld Champion. Americas Cup veteran.

BUCKET LIST: To race around the globe nonstop, alone.

GUILTY PLEASURE:  Having a woman in every port. It truly is possible. Just be quiet about it.

*MY TWO CENTS: I had to Google Maxiworld Champion, then I just Googled Michael. Wow, he is a VERY accomplished sailor. I can understand his feeling at home on the water, he is an expert. However, I must apologize in advance about your “secret” You may have been able to keep it quiet before this blog entry, but it is on the web now!

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