December 15, 2010


Nov. 22, 2010

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: To visit with family and friends, turn a wrench with my Dad and eat some good pecan pie after turkey.

FACT: They call me “Kid Kangaroo” because of my hops on the beach when I spike the volleyball. I once slept 3 nights in the Amazon Rainforest and enjoyed eating piranha.

BUCKET LIST: Explore Iceland, surf Scorpion Bay, Snowboard Jackson Hole, explore Italy and ride a motorcycle from California to Brazil.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Waking up early at Mammoth Mountain, getting some freshies from chair 23, hitting the road back to San Diego to catch a sunset surf. All in the same day of course!

*MY TWO CENTS: Scoot over I want his adventures. One of the coolest and most enviable bucket lists…ever! I love being from San Diego, California. It truly is America’s finest city! PS. Go Chargers!!!

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