November 10, 2010


NOV 6, 2010


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: To visit a friend in Orlando and return to my country (Brazil) after my holidays.

BUCKET LIST: Return to Dominican Republic with all my family.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I want to be thin and rich like Giselle Bundchen. I want to be a Victoria Secret lingerie model.

*MY TWO CENTS: A little bit of a language barrier, but she was a great sport and filled out the form. She was worried at first when I asked her where she was seated. She was super cute and super thin….so she is definitely on her way to her guilty pleasure. I wish her great success. My hopes of being a super model will never come to fruition. First of all, growing up most models were just models, not super models. Second, I am only a couple of inches over 5 feet and I have curves. Third, I would be the one falling in my high heels that you people would view over and over again on youtube.

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