November 11, 2010


NOV 5, 2010


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Going back home from a business trip.

FUN FACT: SUPER FAN of “Twilight”, I carry the 3 movies and the books with me everywhere I go and I travel a lot!!

BUCKET LIST:    ***Nothing Listed***

GUILTY PLEASURE: Going back to my favorite restaurants all over the world and knowing what I’m going to order.

*MY TWO CENTS: I thought my Mom was the biggest fan, however I think she may have met her match! I talked to Jesel at length regarding her SUPER FAN status. She really is, she watches part of one of the movies a little bit each night. Her eyes got so big when I told her that I had Robert Pattinson AKA Edward Cullen on one of my flights. For all the Edward fans, he is really nice, very dapper and super nice and well mannered. Am I too old to say…yummy? My Mom actually has Edward as her screen saver, she changes the pictures frequently!

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