June 25, 2010

Airport Standby

So here is the deal. I go to LAX and sit in the crew operations (Op's) for 6 hours and get paid for 5. I am there in case a Flight Attendant is needed at the very last minute to crew an aircraft. It is part of our reserve obligation. Not a crew member? I will explain the crazy world of reserve in a later post. Remember I live in San Diego, so I leave my house at 2pm and if I don't fly tonight I will get home at 130am. I will just be sitting in "Op's" waiting to be called. I can check on the computer to make sure people have signed in and that the flights have departed, however at anytime they could call me to fly. I have had to sit for 5 hours and 45 minutes...only 15 minutes to go, when I got called to fly an allnighter to NY. Yes it is completely legal from the FAA's point of view. My duty day (from sign-in to landing) was 11:45 hours. 50% of the time you don't go anywhere, you sit there, you go home and then you drive to the airport the following day for a trip. That is only one of the crazy things that happens on reserve. Like I stated earlier, I will give you more info on reserve in future posts.

Keep your fingers crossed for me to get a good trip, so I can post things about the interesting people I meet seated in 11D.

XOXO Penni

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