July 2, 2010


June 26, 2010 LAX-ORD

Wouldn't you know it, my first post was actually sitting in 12D, because the pax in 11D didn't speak English well.
FRANK was traveling with his adorable twin daughters to Chicago to meet up with wife/Mom. She is working on a film in Chicago. His FUN FACT is that he gets to “stay home with his daughters about 75% of the time. I was impressed on how much fun he was having as a stay at home Dad. His BUCKET LIST item is “that one Alaskan fish trip for huge halibut…..with my girls of course” His GUILTY PLEASURE??? He “can not miss ‘Ghost Adventures’ every night”

At the bottom of the page there was an additional FUN FACT that said, “I love my Daddy very, very, very much!”

Frank is an amazing man that is working 75% of the time as a stay at home Dad and loves it! His girls were great, what a wonderful family. He seems to be doing a great job and enjoying it immensely.

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