June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010

Welcome aboard!

My 19+years of flying have opened up a world of opportunities for me...literally. I have climbed Machu Pichu, met an astronaut, received free water delivery for a year, gone to private concerts of well known musicians, eaten my way across the country, saved a life or two, all in a blue polyester suit. I can visit a city for less than 12 hours and be able to tell a great little hidden gem to visit or a unique delicious place to eat. Everything from the Dr. Pepper museum in Waco, a taco trailer in Tulsa, the best ribs in Saint Louis and more. I have been to flea markets, craft fairs and estate sales...nation wide. I have been to my share of food fairs, earth day celebrations, Thanksgiving Day Parades and local celebrations, however obscure they may be. I have been able to swim & layout at beaches around the world.

I love my life and my job and can't really imagine not having these experiences. However, it isn't always fun & games. We lost 2 planes on 9/11 and have lost other crew members in other accidents & incidents. My job has such a large work group, up to 21,000 during the peak of the airlines in 2001, that we all suffer through many loses. I have lost airline friends due to cancer, suicide and life in general. This blog is about the passengers (pax) and their stories, but it is dedicated to those who lost their lives doing what they loved to do. I will always remember 9/11 and the sacrifices of the Flight Attendants and Pilots, that died that day.

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  1. Many congrats on your blog, Penni~! I like them and look forward to all the stories.. ; )