February 10, 2012


JAN 27, 2012


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Off to Dayton for the 24 Hours of Dayton Race...just to watch, though

FUN FACT: I've stood on the stage at the Met. Can't sing though...

BUCKET LIST: Actually sing at the Met?? Visit every beach possible! Everest base camp. Antarctica - That will give me all 7! - But I hate cold!

GUILTY PLEASURE: Chocolate for breakfast!

*MY TWO CENTS*: Todd was AWESOME! I happened to have a sock monkey with me for a 3 day trip as a favor for a friend (see "Pepe's" post). As Pepe & I were cruising through the aisle, Todd let me know that he had a sock monkey hat...it was fate! Todd was actually sitting in seat 5E...NO ONE was sitting in seat 11D...fate! Todd was so much fun, filled out the form, got out his hat and posed with Pepe!

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