February 8, 2012


JAN 26, 2012


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT:Going home to Dallas,TX.... just attended a beer convention
(North American Breweries)

FUN FACT: I have been on the Original Bozo the clown show in the early 60's and was King for the day.

BUCKET LIST: To visit the Greek Islands (Mykonos) Then travel to Northern Italy for skiing and food!

GUILTY PLEASURE:To lay around the pool with friends and family all day.... cookout.

*MY TWO CENTS*: A beer convention, I would have loved to been the quality control person! =). I remember Bozo the clown show, it was before clowns were scary and creepy. I remember Miss Nancy looking through the magic mirror and she would call out the names of the kids she would see. I always wanted her to "see" me, but with a not so common name (at the time), Penni...she never "saw" me.

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