January 29, 2012


JAN 10, 2012


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Returning home from a month long business/pleasure trip, Toulouse, France - London - NYC - Orlando

FUN FACT: I traveled to over 40 countries and 50 states, by the time I was 30. I spend every June in Germany visiting family.

BUCKET LIST: All 7 wonders of the world

GUILTY PLEASURE: Spending hours doing NOTHING on any beach I can find.

*MY TWO CENTS*: Because of my love of travel and experiencing new things, I am extremely jealous of her travel to 40 countries & 50 states, by the age of 30. I am still working on both and I am….well let’s just say I am no longer in my 30’s. Luckily, I will be able to add more countries my list this April. I am going on a 9 day cruise from Barcelona to the Canary Islands. I am super excited about the art and food in Spain!

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