October 27, 2011



OCTOBER 26, 2011

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Going home from a business trip.

FACT: I was in a commercial when I was young. Love to coach youth baseball; Team has won 4 Championships. Grew up in Atlanta, GA; moved to Dallas as a teenager (long ago)

BUCKET LIST: Europe (Germany), NY City at Christmas time, Mediterranean cruise

GUILTY PLEASURE: Love watching sports (Baseball, Football) Love the beach (Destin, FL - favorite) Love to take cruises with my wife (Alaska last summer)

*MY TWO CENTS*: It was a crazy busy flight and I must have told Tim at least 5 times that I had a "fun project" for him and I would let him know what it was as soon as I had a moment. Once I finally gave him the spiel, he smiled and then started filling out the form. I gave him the card so he could have all the links to the blog, email and twitter account. I had to ask about the commercial. It was a bank commercial, he was a kid and he handcuffed his nanny/maid to the vault??? He did have to clarify that it was in the 70's, so the humor was definitely different.

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