October 12, 2011



SEPTEMBER 19, 2011

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Returning from the Monterey Jazz festival and long weekend in Carmel, CA. Love it there.

FACT: I write sexy/action/adventure novels (one was published), I do lots of impersonations (being silly comes naturally), and I'm about to hit 3 million miles on American! Can you say "system-wide upgrades"

BUCKET LIST: Skydiving (I know, very original), convincing my wife to help me join the "Mile-High Club" (she says we'll have to fly private), own my own Bentley.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Romantic Comedies, But Hey, I still play Fantasy Football and drink Scotch straight, so I am still a dude, okay?

*MY TWO CENTS*: Kevin and his lovely wife were actually sitting in 4E (his usual seat) & 4F, but when I told him about the blog his face lit up, so I had to get his answers. They were so great and so excited about the blog. I had such a good time talking with them. I love my job and I love my passengers. I really am having a great time writing this blog!

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  1. Seems like a fun guy -- but did he order scotch straight on the flight...