October 12, 2011



SEPTEMBER 19, 2011

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Business. I sell beer!! Drink Coors Light, but always responsibly.

FACT: I played soccer in college; but was on a music scholarship. Also, I'm sitting next to an active military soldier (11F) Thanks to him and all the others. Hope he enjoys his leave.

BUCKET LIST: See the Jayhawks in the Final Four in person. Go KU! Disney World with the kids when they're old enough to enjoy it. Greek Isles vacation with my gorgeous wife.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Afternoon naps on the weekends while the kids nap. Watching my little girls play soccer (They're 3 & 5)

*MY TWO CENTS*: These 2 guys were funny. When I hand people the questionnaire, I also hand them a business card with a link to the blog. These two looked up the blog before we took off to make sure I was legit. That was hilarious. They didn't know each other before the flight, but they seemed to get along really well. I love to see passengers, on a plane full of strangers, leave knowing one more person, one more story. The traveling public has changed, fewer people read books or get to know their seatmate. There are some really great stories out there!

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