October 8, 2011



SEPTEMBER 19, 2011



BUCKET LIST: New Zealand

GUILTY PLEASURE: A whole day at home in bed

*MY TWO CENTS*: I was in the crew lounge talking to some F/A's about the blog, they looked it up and Laurel decided she would give it a try. She wrote me a note on the back of the questionnaire...

"This pax was a gal around 30(?) traveling with co-workers, said she didn't feel well. Ate cheese and crackers. (told me I was a good Mom) about an hour before landing she revived. I think she had a fun night because they were laughing and having fun reminiscing. She was hesitant to do the paper questionnaire it seems. oh well, I tried. My next flight was crazy busy, and totally forgot to ask. Sorry! I had fun though. I love your idea, keep going! Laurel"

I love the fact that she was willing to do it! If truth be told, I don't get to ask everyone on every flight, like her note said, sometimes you just get crazy busy, forget, the pax is sound asleep, or things happen. Thanks again Laurel...you are awesome!

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