June 16, 2011


JUNE 3, 2011


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Visit my elderly Mother who's deteriorating, but have some fun with friends too

FACT: I've spent 2 weekends with Bill & Hillary Clinton, once while he was President, 2nd after he left office.

BUCKET LIST: Russia, Africa, US National Parks-Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Sleeping till noon, not showering, staying in bed all day reading.

*MY TWO CENTS*: Pam filled this out so quickly, it was a late night flight, so I was grateful. Wow, she met a President. I would love to meet & actually have a conversation with one of our US President's. I have met an astronaut and was impressed by the fact that there are only a handful of people that fill those shoes. The same with President of the United States, only a small select number of people fit into that category.

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