April 17, 2011


APR 15, 2011

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: I’m running from the law.

FUN FACT: I speak 5 different languages, all in Farsi

BUCKET LIST: I’d like to sip a martini in space. Preferably, on the dark side of Uranus.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Eating a large hot fudge sundae while soaking my feet in an even larger hot fudge sundae

*MY TWO CENTS*: Well so much for my “G” rated blog. The F/A working on his side of the a/c said that he hadn’t smiled the whole time he was onboard until I asked him about filling out the questionnaire for my the blog. Now I know better, he wasn’t smiling he was grinning, thinking about his snarky answers! I love that this “project” brings out all different types of personalities. I personally think his answers are sort of funny!

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