April 17, 2011


APR 14, 2011


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: To meet Penni, word is out that you are the best!

FUN FACT: Spent a week on the Disney cruise ship in the Walt Disney Suite with my wife and girls.

BUCKET LIST: Give my two daughters the best and most beautiful wedding possible.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Can’t say based on this blog being “G” rated.

*MY TWO CENTS*: Of course I love him…he thinks I am the best! I really love the fact that he wants to spoil his daughters on the most important day of their life. After Wayne woke up from his little nap he came back to the galley to inquire about the blog. He also described his suite on the Disney cruise. It sounded so amazing for a cruise ship. The suite was 1300 square feet….that is bigger than my house. Wayne was so very nice and really interesting. Thanks Wayne.

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