December 25, 2010


DEC. 24, 2010


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Home for the holidays!

FUN FACT: I watched Speaker Nancy Pelosi sign the legislation to repeal “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” before it was sent to President Obama for his signature this week! (and , I have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro)

BUCKET LIST: Sky dive in New Zealand, Adopting a child with my partner.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Chocolate chip cookie dough. Earning frequent flier miles. (going out of my way to…)

*MY TWO CENTS: I am so bummed that I gave Samir the form so late in the flight, because I would have loved to have talked to him AT LENGTH about his answers. The flight was short and the flight was full. I try to give the form to the pax in 11D soon after we depart, but was unable to this flight. A lot of big and important issues…”Don’t ask, don’t tell, adoption, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama, just to name a few.

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