December 27, 2010


DEC. 18, 2010


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: I am going to school at West Chester University in PA. and I’m going home for the holidays to be with my family for Christmas break.

FUN FACT: I have lived in Orange County, California and Orange County, New York.

BUCKET LIST: Get to Italy one day. Open a cake shop.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Blasting the radio and singing along even though I am a horrible singer.

*MY TWO CENTS: I have to admit, I do love this cupcake trend….but it is so hard to find a great cake shop these days. I have even been to weddings and parties recently that have cupcake cakes. So, I would love to see her open her cake shop! She is in the horrible singer club and I must be the president. I love to sing, but I am horrible. It just feels so good to belt one out, in the car, listening to the radio!!!

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