October 8, 2010



Not too long ago I posted an article on the blog regarding airport standby. Well, I am on it again. At my airline you usually "sit" standby once each reserve month. On "restriction" at the airport for 6 hours to fill in at the last minute in case someone doesn't make to the airport on time. So here I sit! I brought the laptop, saw a lot of friends I haven't flown with in a while and have kept my fingers crossed that I don't have to fly today. I have to call in at 7pm to see what I am doing tomorrow. That's right I am suppose to tell you what reserve is all about. I promise to get to that soon.

I do have some fun news to share. I am going to Paris later this month for 5 days, with a girlfriend of mine. Good wine, good food, great art, strong coffee, lots of walking and some much needed rest! The countdown is ON!

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