March 27, 2011


MAR 16, 2011


WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: We are going to Austin, Texas for SXSW music festival, for Adam’s 25th birthday.

FUN FACT: ADAM: I am an intsa-gram holic (iphone app), you will find me taking pictures of EVERYTHING and posting it on my photo blog (follow “Thatguyyoulike” on Instagram)
ALLISON: I am one of 7 children from the same parents! =) not Mormon LOL!

BUCKET LIST: ADAM: I want to travel the world and meet people whom I disagree with, see things that startle me, I want to see things that take my breath away.
ALLISON: For Mom & Dad to see me get married. (no one in particular =) ha-ha )

GUILTY PLEASURE: ADAM: Technology, but right now playing “Call of Duty”
ALLISON: watching reality TV.

*MY TWO CENTS*:OK, so there were not both sitting in 11D, actually neither of them were sitting in 11D. 11D was asleep the entire flight. They were super cute and super cool & super fun. It was great that they both filled out the questions and answers. I have run across a lot of people that are writing blogs also. It really is such a great creative outlet and a wonderful way to meet my passengers and document my amazing job.

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