January 7, 2011


DEC. 30, 2010

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: To visit friends in Cleveland for New Year’s (yes, I know, OC thru Dallas? Actually worked out considering the winter storm that hit the east coast!

FUN FACT: I founded an organization called www.BuildingAfrica.org that builds community centers in rural Africa. I have met and sat with Princes’ of Swaziland and we hope to build 6 centers in their country. Also building a children’s home in Tanzania.

BUCKET LIST: The pyramid in Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Tibet and North Pole~everyone should meet Santa Claus one day.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I love to garden, watch F1 racing, go on a retreat at any Monastery I can find anywhere in the world.

*MY TWO CENTS: Cindy was so warm and receptive, truly beautiful inside and outside. She brought the form back to the galley, asked if she had filled out enough etc. I love her answers. She is also an Episcopalian Priest, so actually she is The Reverend Cindy!

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