December 29, 2010


DEC. 10, 2010

WHY ON THIS FLIGHT: Last leg of journey back from visiting friends and family in UK and Germany.

FACT: Last Sunday my wife and 2 year old son experienced snowfall for the very first time….and almost being snowed in  for the first time too.

BUCKET LIST: Climb a “real” mountain. Rainer=nice, Denali=better. Hike a National Trail with my son. Appalachian or Pacific Coast.

GUILTY PLEASURE: No work, no travel, a lie in  and donuts for breakfast. Strange….no guilt (happy face)

*MY TWO CENTS: Ahhhh his guilty pleasure is describing my “pajama days” Hanging around in the house, eating food that taste really good, no work (which is travel) and absolutely NO GUILT! I need one of those days, soon!

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